3Dot Paperbot Kit


Includes the latest version of the 3DoT board.

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Jump-start your 3DoT journey with an incredible, hand crafted, complete chassis + paperbot kit. Includes the 3DoT v9.1 Board.

Kit Contents
  • 3DoT Board v9.1
  • Rechargeable 3.6V Li-ion battery
  • 3DoT Laser-Cut Chassis
  • 3D-printed wheels, tires and gears
  • Custom 3DoT chassis motors + connectors
  • Nuts, bolts etc.
  • Mini wrench and L-key for easy assembly
  • Laser-perforated and scored blank paper skin to unleash your creativity on

Paperbot 3DoT kit contents

Back of Paperbot robot kit box showing contents

The Paperbot was the first robot developed especially for the 3DoT. See the instructions for assembling the chassis below (made by students!).

Once assembled, the chassis provides the perfect starting point for working on simple to advanced robots. Follow the guides on Arxterra to get started with programming your 3DoT in the Arduino environment.

Arduino IDE compatible robot code
The basic sketch allows you to control your robot from your phone or computer

To add some personality to your robot, fold the included laser-perforated card skins and put the Paper in PaperBot.

The result: A telepresent, remote control, programmable PaperBot!

By adding just an infrared sensor shield, the robot can be taught to solve a maze. This is the objective of California State University, Long Beach Professor Gary Hill’s programming courses, where students learn how a computer works from the ground up, by programming the 3DoT Board’s microcontroller directly using assembly language (also known as machine language, machine code, etc..).

Two student built and programmed paperbots getting lost in a maze together… Programmed in C++, non-deterministic. Line following using PID control system.

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