3DoT Board v9.1


With all the hardware and software required to operate a robot on a single 35x70mm printed circuit board; the 3DoT is the brain, power, and the controller of your robot. Plug in motors, fire up the app, and you’re ready to go.

The 3DoT is supported by an extensive, easy-to-use Arduino library to allow the development of custom software, and the Arxterra Control Panel that allows you to control your robot, remotely, from anywhere in the world, with high definition video and audio feed.

For more specialized purposes, Expansion Shields can be purchased from Arxterra or, for the more hardware-savvy, designed from open source templates.

Everything about the 3DoT is designed with 3D printed robots in mind – from the small form factor to keep print times minimal, to easy USB charging and rails to slide into your bot. We can’t wait to see what you create!

3DoT Board features



The 3DoT board integrates all the components needed to create a small autonomous, RC controlled, or telepresent robot.

  • At the heart of your robot is an Arduino Leonardo based microcontroller unit (MCU), featuring an 8 MIPS (Millions of Instructions Per Second) 2-stage pipelined AVR RISC processor.
  • Power for your robot is provided by a single CR123A LiPo 650 mAh, 2C, rechargeable battery with associated power protection, switching, and conditioning circuitry.  Plus, an integrated 3.7v Li-ion battery charger with battery level sensor circuit.
  • If your robot needs more power, bring your own Li-ion battery – internal/external motor power can be selected.
  • Standard Micro-USB connector and serial communications circuitry allows you to upload your programs and download data while charging the on-board Li-ion battery.
  • An optional HM-11 Bluetooth module allows wireless communication with the ArxRobot Android/iPhone App and Arxterra control panel.
  • Standard 2.0mm JST Connectors are provided for up to two (2) DC Motors.
  • Standard male header pins are provided for up to two (2) Micro or Ultra-Micro Servos.
  • To control your robot’s motors the 3DoT board includes a TB6612FNG dual motor driver.
  • Customize your robot with 8-pin forward sensor and 16-pin 3DoT Expansion Shields. Allows connection to external I2C and SPI devices.
  • 3-position switch (OFF/PROGRAM/RUN) for reliable and easy programming.
  • Programmable current limiting, set to a safe value by default, customizable on-the-fly for your applications.
  • Reverse polarity and overcurrent protection.


  • Programs can be written in the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • Arduino IDE compatible “Board” and Library available for download.
  • Pre-installed Arxterra 3DoT bootloader to support all 3DoT features.
  • Example programs to allow you to control a 2-wheel robot out-of-the-box using the free ArxRobot Android/iPhone App.
  • Remotely control your robot from anywhere with an internet connection from the Arxterra Control Panel.


Setup and Usage Guide

3DoT v9 Block Diagram

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