Tips for Makers #6

Tips for Makers #6

A weekly curation of hand-picked maker tips

10 Hand Picked #TipsForMakers July 2020

Hey there maker friends, join us this week as we explore tips on Teleportation, 3D Printing and many more.

Have some extra time on your hands? Take a minute to look through these helpful #TipsForMakers to see if something here works for your current or upcoming project. Have a tip? We’d love to see it and the community would too. Keep making great things friends. 🙂

Tip 1 – 3D Print a Cycloidal Gearbox

Tip 2 – Build Some Really Cool Creature Skulls with Foam

Tip 3 – Simplify Teleportation on Third-party Robots

Tip 4 – Practical 3D Prints for Everyday Problems

Tip 5 – Interesting PCB Layout Design Guidelines for Signals Above 20Gbps

Tip 6 – Consider Using Delrin in Your Next Project

Tip 7 – Power Up Your Solidworks Shelling

Tip 8 – Turn Your Android Device into Networked Programmable Dev Platforms

Tip 9 – Make a CPU with a BBC Micro:Bit

Tip 10 – Some Intriguing New Tools to Make Our Lives Easier

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