Comparing the 3DoT Board to the Latest Hardware

The 3DoT Board is difficult to compare, as there are not many boards specifically designed for robots. The most common solution is to use a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino with add-on components called “breakout boards”, or “shields”, to build a system capable of controlling a robot. If you need a ton of processing power or other specialized features, this may be the way to go, but we don’t think most robots need this.

Below is a comparison chart:

The 3DoT BoardRaspberry Pi 4 Arduino Nano 33 BLEDFRobot Romeo BLE Mini
MicrocontrollerATmega32U4 Broadcom BCM2711 nRF52840ATmega328P
Operating Voltage5V, 3.3V5V3.3V5V
Flash Memory32 KBSD Card1MB32 KB
IO Available9 Digital / 5 Analog40 Digital14 Digital / 8 Analog8 Digital / 4 Analog
Dual Motor DriverYesNoNoYes
Servo ConnectorsYesNoNoYes
BluetoothBLE 5.0YesYesBLE 4.0
Battery ChargingYesNoNoNo
Battery Power ManagementYesNoNoNo
In Conclusion,
Extra Components Needed:
Motor Shield
3 Jumper cables/servo
Battery Management
USB Cable
LiPo Battery
Headers, Connectors
Motor Driver Shield
Battery Charger
Battery Boost
LiPo Battery
Battery Management
LiPo Battery
+ motor shield
+ Battery breakout
+ Battery
+ Connector shield
+ Motor breakout
+ Batter charger
+ Battery boost
+ Battery
+ Battery breakout
+ Battery
Total Cost$49$105$65$51
A Simple Raspberry Pi Robot
A 3DoT Robot With Sensors

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