Tips for Makers #5

Tips for Makers #5

A weekly curation of hand-picked maker tips

10 Hand Picked #TipsForMakers June 2020

Hey there maker friends, join us this week as we explore tips on Object Detection, 3D Printing and many more.

Publishing this edition of #TipsForMakers and looking back it has been so wonderful getting to know the community in this way. searching for good tips around the internet reveals the incredible talent that the maker community has. The future is exciting friends.

Tip 1 – How to Build an Outdoor Wi-Fi Switch

Tip 2 – Animate Your PCB Designs for Better Presentation

Tip 3 – Understanding the IoU Metric in Object Detection

Tip 4 – A New and Clever Way to Communicate with Your Robot

Tip 5 – Use a Mirror When Placing SMD Parts

Tip 6 – Create a Spring Using Paper

Tip 7 – Use Glass Filled PLA to Avoid Shrinkage and Warping

Tip 8 – Translate Radar into Cursor Movement

Tip 9 – Folding PCB Hinge Design

Tip 10 – Things to Consider When 3D Printing Prototypes

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