Tips for Makers #3

Tips for Makers #3

A weekly curation of hand-picked maker tips

10 Hand Picked #TipsForMakers June 2020

Hey there maker friends, join us this week as we explore tips on Stencil Making, Stepper-Motors and many more.

Things have been quite difficult around the world these days. We hope that this small curation of tips found around the internet can bring at least a small break to those of you making awesome things. Stay safe out there.

Tip 1 – Tools For Quickly Counting Components

Tip 2 – Solder Alternating Pins on Some Parts

Tip 3 – Drive a Stepper-Motor with a Stepper-Motor???

Tip 4 – Create a Small GPS Tracker for your Next Project.

Tip 5 – Make Sure your 3D Printing Plate Cools Sufficiently Before Removing your Build.

Tip 6 – Lean Principles for Engineers.

Tip 7 – Convert Old Laptop Webcams to USB Webcams.

Tip 8 – Use Blender to Make Your KiCAD/Altium PCBs Look Amazing

Tip 9 – Home Made Laser Cut Stencils.

Tip 10 – Use Augmented Reality to Inspect PCB’s.

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