Tips for Makers #4

Tips for Makers #4

A weekly curation of hand-picked maker tips

10 Hand Picked #TipsForMakers June 2020

Hey there maker friends, join us this week as we explore tips on Switches, Kinetic Displays and many more.

Searching the internet high and low to find these tips for this blog has been a great way of finding inspiration and ideas. We hope this weeks picks unlock some inspiration in you as well. Big Thank You to all the great Makers that continually put out such great content.

Tip 1 – Add Threaded Inserts to Your 3D Print

Tip 2 – Simple Way to Stack Your Filament Boxes and Save Space

Tip 3 – Make Your Own USB Power Tester

Tip 4 – Some Useful Tips on Switches

Tip 5 – Use an LED to See If Your Fuse Smoked

Tip 6 – How to Remove Battery Contact Corrosion

Tip 7 – Look to Nature for Inspiration.

Tip 8 – Simulate Eye Contact for Your Next Video Chat

Tip 9 – An Innovative Way to Make a Robot Shoulder

Tip 10 – Make a Stunning Kinetic Display

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