Tips for Makers #1

Tips for Makers #1

A weekly curation of hand-picked maker tips

10 Hand Picked #TipsForMakers May 2020

Welcome to The first “Tips for Makers” blog by Humans For Robots. In this one we have tips on 3D Printed Flexible Geometry , Alternative PCB Cleaners, and many more.

Hey there Makers and fellow community members. Please enjoy these awesome tips by our fellow makers hand picked from the never ending information highway that is the Internet. On your next break from making awesome things, grab your favorite beverage and have a scroll through this week’s top picks.

Tip 1 – Use Copper Foil to Save Time Prototyping

Tip 2 – Convert Devices to USB Type-C

Tip 3 – Flexible Geometry with 3D Printed PLA

Tip 4 – Take Your Video Calls to the Next Level

Tip 5 – Advanced Tips on 3D Printing with Transparency

Tip 6 – Watch or Stream 3D Printing Live

Tip 7 – Read Up On the Latest in Drone Tech: Unmanned Drone Traffic Management

Tip 8 – Use a Toaster Oven for SMD Assembly

Tip 9 – Inexpensive Alternatives for Cleaning PCB’s

Tip 10 – Use an ATtiny10 to Drive an OLED

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