Tips for Makers #2

Tips for Makers #2

A weekly curation of hand-picked maker tips

10 Hand Picked #TipsForMakers May 2020

In this weeks “Tips for Makers” blog by Humans For Robots we have tips on making with recycled materials , understanding safety circuits, and many more.

It’s another great week for making really awesome things. Here are some tips to stir the creative pot. Enjoy this weeks curation and have an incredible week.

Tip 1 – Add RAM to your Arduino Mega

Tip 2 – Take advantage of New Arduino IoT Cloud dashboard Widgets

Tip 3 – Bring CircuitPython control to your LEGO projects

Tip 4 – Capture Your Soldering Fumes

Tip 5 – Use Recycled Materials to Build Your Next Project

Tip 6 – Why Celsius vs. Kelvin?

Tip 7 – Use Origami to make Robots

Tip 8 – Try a better looking and more functional alternative to the Traditional PerfBoard

Tip 9 – Create and Print a Cheat Sheet for Your Next Project

Tip 10 – Get a Basic Understanding of Safety Circuits

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